Disk Space 100 GB
Domains 25
WordPress, Joomla Yes
Traffic Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited
Databases 25
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Disk Space 200 GB
Domains 50
WordPress, Joomla Yes
Traffic Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited
Databases 50
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Disk Space 300 GB
Domains Unlimited
WordPress, Joomla Yes
Traffic Unlimited
Email Addresses Unlimited
Databases Unlimited
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We are one of the largest hosting companies in Norway. Over the past 21 years, we have provided hosting services to around 30,000 customers. 


We use SSD drives on all of our database servers. This increases the speed of database and web services significantly. Web hosting with or without SSD is like day and night when it comes to speed.


It takes only 'one click’ to install WordPress, Joomla and more than 100 of the most popular applications on the Internet free of charge.


The control panel is designed to be user-friendly to enable you to quickly publish web pages, create e-mail addresses and more.


We are one of only a handful of companies in Norway to offer clustered web hosting that results in web and e-mail service redundancy. This technology is so robust that we guarantee 100% uptime for web pages and e-mail.


We aim to give our customers value for their money. If you are not satisfied with our services in any way within 90 days, we will provide a full refund. No questions asked.

Web hosting makes it easy to publish web pages and create e-mail addresses. It includes a market-leading spam and virus filter. You receive login info for a modern control panel, where you have complete control over web pages, databases, domains, DNS, e-mail, visitor statistics, invoices and more. The control panel is very easy to use.

ServeTheWorld is one of only a handful companies in Norway to offer clustered web hosting that renders web and e-mail services redundant. If a web server or e-mail service suddenly stops working, there are no consequences since the same services are also found on other servers. This technology is so robust that we guarantee 100% uptime for web pages and e-mail.

Installatron "1click web appliacations" enables you to install more than 100 of the most popular applications available online free of charge. You can install WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more with only ‘1 click’. This means you can publish and administer your services online quickly and easily.

The ‘1 click’ system lets you continuously update to new versions of software/applications as they become available, letting you easily manage the programs/applications personally.

All web hosting packages are comprehensive, giving you considerable value for your money. You get lots of drive space, unlimited e-mail addresses and redundant web and e-mail services at prices starting at only NOK 49/month. All of the servers and support staff are located in Norway.

Web hosting packages come with our new, modern control panel. You have complete control over your domains, e-mail, databases, DNS, programs/applications, etc. The new control panel is easy to use and features new functionalities, including ‘1 click’ installation of WordPress and Joomla. The control panel also provides an overview of invoices, payments, detailed visitor statistics, a spam and virus filter and more. You can choose between Norwegian and English as the display language.

The web hosting packages come with an unlimited number of domains. The ‘Starter’, ‘Large’ and ‘Premium’ hosting packages let you publish 25, 50 or an unlimited number of multiple web pages, respectively. You only need one web hosting package, even if you have large numbers of web pages/domains.


We have pleasant and knowledgeable support staff who have long experience in hosting. We provide free support by phone and email. You choose how you want to contact us.

We have our own data centre at a central location in Oslo with a capacity of around 4,000 servers. This high-security facility ensures that all servers are protected from fire, theft, power failure, etc. The facility has redundant lines, redundant UPS, redundant (A&B) power, firewall and an extra diesel-powered generator.